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Worth the price

Just got my order of sayiva shake after 10 days. They also sent me 3.5 grams of platinum bubba and gummies (thanks for that)
At first shake didn’t looked good then I rolled and smoked right away. I don’t give f about taste as I just can’t say any difference in any other. At first I was like ok , Cool!!! Let write a review thanking for a decent stuff But!! as I continue writing review I’m getting fucking highhhhh…. I don’t know about looks or taste but this stuff get you high.
Worth the price
And thank you guys for gummies and bubba.
(You can Send me one more bubba if you want , for the review 😂😂😂)
No they haven’t paid me to write this!

May 30, 2022

Great quality, even better price

Bought an oz of Pink Gas, and while it came slow (my fault for cheating out on shipping) it’s some great stuff! Nice fluffy buds, great taste, smooth, and gives a nice relaxing high. Even got a free 3.5g bag of Blackberry Kush! Will definitely buy again!

October 26, 2021

excellent service on first order.

hiya. i ordered what would have cost me 2/3 again the price on the previous site i was using. ordered on a tuesday from van isle and received on the thursday same week. superior product timely delivery whats not to love. thanks save on. i will be ordering again. best of luck to you and yours in these odd times.

July 5, 2021

Nice and easy

I have been buying from Save on Greens for just over a year now. The price is good and the quality great. I usually order on the weekend, they ship it out Monday, it is usually in my mailbox Thursday morning. Nice and easy. Thank you Save on Greens.

May 20, 2021

Repeat Customers

I have been ordering from Save On Greens for awhile now. I love the variety of bud and the great prices. I just placed an order for the month.

May 20, 2021

A generous company!!!

What?! A company that is NOT greedy still exists?!! One that gives you more bang for your buck! Well, I sure seem to exist and I sure seem to have found one!!!
They have just acquired a new customer for life!
High-quality shake and bud to say the least!
And I had tried only the shake because it was so cheap for the value, for the quality advertised: just to try the company out with something that seemed too good to be true, I will admit…
Boy was it true, and they even sent along a little present with my purchase!!! What! Who does that anymore: good companies like this one, that’s who!
I’m sold! And I will be making my future purchases with them!

Jean-Michel Desmeules
April 22, 2021


I was in a bad bike crash in 99, Dr’s said never walk again, for 20 years after I proved them wrong I was on 3 40-mg Oxycodone + 8 to 12 DILAUDID 8MG every day for rest of my life, Since I’ve changed to these lovely flowers on this site, I’m now OPIATE FREE! Thank God for: Silver Haze Smalls/Popcorn, Gorilla Glue #4, Banana Kush these and the AMAZING tasty delights I’ve cooked up and baked with the Amazing flavour and taste of the Premium Shake{oh the oven-baked Cannabis mac & cheese}. Thank you for your service and my healthier life. oh gtg my cana-chicken is ready. here’s the recipe: if I’m allowed to share: {if not admin please remove it}

March 16, 2021

Silver haze

Just got my bud , 2 ounces of silver haze for 170$ because of express shipping, but a really nice smell and took 5 days to get from B.C to N.L
3 time ordering , ya knows I’d be back , anyway have a great one ,smoke em when ya got em .

March 12, 2021


Just got it ! I picked mr.nice guy batch and wow! Is all I can say is wow . Will definitely order again plus they gave me a 3.5G sample of silver haze . Didn’t expect that and only 95$ total for a oz and 3.5 g of great weed .
Thanks again , 5 days to get to me .

January 29, 2021


It’s my second command. Really enjoy save on greens products. Very discreet and fast shipping. Prices are what you come to expect. Selection is ok. Service very good and will be ordering again ! 5*

December 1, 2020

Loved It!!

I’m so satisfied with my order! It came so fast, was processed quickly, and payment was so easy!! Will definitely be ordering again. I’ve recommended it to like 5 friends already 🙂 Thanks so much!!

December 1, 2020

So easy you can order stoned

I’ve bought online for a few years now from several different places. This was my first time buying from SOG. I bought 3 strains and to there credit all 3 are a quality smoke.
Will definitely be buying again and referring stoner friends to the site as well.
And thanks for the free 8th which is also a quality smoke.

August 18, 2020

Couldn’t have been easier!

orders a quarter ounce of Brazilian just caps and it was all caps weight was a little over which was great when I opened my package there was a free 8th in there and it only took 3 days from when I submitted my order for them to cash the payment package the order and receive it amazing service just made my second order and I assume it’ll be just as fast

Brandon Anderson
July 31, 2020


Had to write another review:)
I purchased a few cannabis here and all of them were the best I ever tried in my life Super amazing deals, the gummy edibles were the best gummy edibles I ever had! a little goes away on the gummies with a good deal as always; that we should all know!! Glad I found this website

July 2, 2020

Awesome for full-time Stoners!!

Great buds at awesome Oz. deals, fast delivery, efficient quality packaging, overall 10/10…

First order 1 Oz. Outdoor Pineapple Express, 1 Oz. AAAA Platinum Bubba Popcorn, Free 1/8 Chemo, 500 mg Gummies … I enjoy mixing the Outdoor with the AAAA to maintain a perfect steady high all-day at an AMAZING PRICE, although the Outdoor can provide you enough kick on it’s own (with large J). And the AAAA is better quality than I could have asked for, love the combo.

The Gummies are honestly the best tasting THC gummies I’ve ever tried… As far as effectiveness its hard to judge properly because I smoke all day but I did feel a nice sense of relieve after consuming. Would buy again for either friends or sleepless nights.

June 27, 2020

My first of many orders

I just received my first order in the mail from SAVE ON GREENS. After opening the parcel, I must say I am more than pleased with the product delivered. I ordered MK ULTRA which looks amazing, and was very affordable. I also ordered BUBBA OG(popcorn) and I’m blown away by the quality. At other sites this would be a bag of apparent scraps. But at SAVE ON GREENS it actually looks like popcorn, and no sticks. I sampled this one first, it’s the bomb.
The 8th bag I got free is also a giant nugget that’s dank. Unreal ?
Thank you SAVE ON GREENS for the awesome products affordable prices. You undoubtedly have a new permanent customer. From BC to NL in three business days, during covid-19.
Thank you

John Tetford
June 19, 2020

Amazing quality

For my first order, I ordered 2 ounces of popcorn Kush and 1 vape cartridge. seriously impressed with both products! The order was delivered on actual 420 day, so it saved our asses for 420 celebrations! The strain came with good sized flowers, and is very potent / effective. Some websites sell poor quality strains for cheap, but even though this strain was discounted, it’s still one of the most effective / potent strains I’ve had to date. Highly recommend this site, the guys who run it are very helpful

May 15, 2020

Gods Green Crack

Gods Green Crack is more then worth its cost! 7.510
Great High, Nice smelly buds with an ok taste. Abit greeny tasting but other then that is a great bud

May 9, 2020

Keep up the excellent work!

Just wanted to say thanks for producing quality products at such great value. You guys are outstanding for the work you do!

May 6, 2020

Amazing service

Best experience I had! friendly staff, best deals, fast shipping! They bless you with so much grams, I would definitely re purchase

May 6, 2020

My new go-to site

Iv been searching for a site with good prices, good selection and reasonable shipping and iv found it finally. These guys are awesome, I couldnt be happier. Product came super fast and they even included a little gift! 10/10 would definitely reccomend 🙂

Talar Oliver
April 29, 2020


WOW. 9/10 easy. girl scout cookies was the best in flavor,smell and high. even during covid top notch service

April 29, 2020

Beside Sketchy THC mg Levels On Edibles, Everything Was Great 🙂

Order was packed professionally, with dry plant/flower product(s) put in dark bags/containers. Competitive/fair prices, fast delivery. Sending money was a breeze (make sure to follow instructions carefully). I took a sneak peak at some of the dry plant/flower, it smells pretty fresh, and looks fairly frosty. I currently don’t own a scale, but the weight of the product looks/seems to be the listed amount (at minimum). I got a free 3.5 grams of a mystery bud, which actually looks and smells pretty good (I’ll smoke the free 3.5g of weed in a bit). One problem. There is something odd with the “Pegasus Cannabis Infused Candy” edibles. On the website, it’s listed that there is “42 mg of THC *PER* gummy.” On the actual product, it says that there is *10 mg THC PER gummy*. What makes this even more weird? There literally is/was a small custom made printed label, which had “42” written and stuck on top of the writing that says “10 mg THC per gummy” on the edible bag. Looks like a textbook example of false advertising, and that the true THC level(s) was covered. Maybe it was really 42 mg THC (even though it clearly says 10mg embedded on the actual container/bag). I’m thinking this because it tasted very much like a “potent medicine”. Beside the medicine like after taste, the edibles taste fine. My main goal was high(est) THC edibles, not taste. I ate 2 gummies one hour ago, while I was sobering up from a smoke high. I’m almost sure I feel mellow/relaxed right now cause of the edibles, feels a little unique. I hope it’s not placebo. This is my second time in my life trying edibles. The first time (2-3 days ago) I ate a few servings of edibles, (70 mg of THC In total, ONLY 10 mg THC per serving!). I’m a 25 year old, 180 pound man. I felt nothing. This one seems to be slowly creeping up on me after eating 2 gummies only. *Update, it’s like 2 hours and 30 mins later, the edible
gave me a chill mid high just off 2 gummies, haven’t smoked free 3.5g yet* I hope it’s actually 42 mg THC per gummy, if not it is very expensive and/or a waste of money. Thankfully/ maybe not? I only got 2 bags of them, which with a “40% percent” discount.

April 24, 2020

Very IMpressed

  1. I Purchesed 3 oz of pretty good quality bud for 120$ in total and i am really impressed great quality buds at very low prices.
    you got a new customer.
Bruno Beaulieu
April 8, 2020

Popcorn Zombie Kush

The strain I received was a beautiful avocado green covered in sticky trichomes. The smell is very earthy. I usually vape my herb and the first initial draws have an earthy taste with somewhat of a numbing effect in the mouth & tongue area. As the vape continues, the taste changes to a mild sweet fruity flavour. The effects are uplifting and cerebral. Good for pain relief, concentration, ADHD etc. I would absolutely choose this strain again.

April 6, 2020

Great Buds

Great product for the price, exaclty as shown in photos. Wish more online stores were as honest as you guys. A+ from me

Carlo Wille
October 27, 2019

Enjoying service

i enjoy service very good buddy. 5 star i am happy thank you.

Harjit Vaz
October 10, 2019


Excellent product and amazing service from your support team. Polite and knowledgeable, really walked me through my purchase and answered all my questions well. Made me a happy customer. Thank you!

Tilman C
October 9, 2019

Lovin it

5/5 stars excellent service from your guy’s service team. Very pleased with the quality of product as well. Keep up the good work. Cheers

Ronald J
September 30, 2019

David’s feedback

Its pretty f-ing good. got me f-ed up

David Law
September 24, 2019

Product comments

Very happy with my purple kush thank you guys

Eleanor B
September 24, 2019


Good stuff. Never seen prices this low for good bud like this. Favorite site

Casey Hiscoe
September 23, 2019


Love the disposable rosin pens. Great clean high

September 22, 2019


Excellent bud. Will try edibles next time

September 20, 2019


Great stuff guys, loving it

Raj S.
September 20, 2019

John Review

Love the bulk deal for the PK OG strain. Please offer more strains in bulk

John R
September 20, 2019


Very impressed with the quality of bud especially at these prices. Didn’t expect much, must say I am pleasantly surprised. Got yourselves a regular

Valen Ross
September 18, 2019


great service and fast shipping. I love the crazy low prices. Keep it up guys!

Tony Truong
September 18, 2019


Only my first purchase but the quality is great for the price. Service was fast and efficient. Definitely will be ordering again.

September 17, 2019


Really enjoy save on greens products. Very discreet and fast shipping. Prices are what you come to expect. Selection is ok.

September 17, 2019

Mac McCafferty Testimonial

My first time ordering was great! The site was easy to navigate through, the descriptions were great, and I received my order days after payment. 10 out of 10 will use again.

Mac McCafferty
September 17, 2019



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