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Are You Looking to Buy Weed Online Montreal?

You have come to the right place! We offer the absolute highest quality locally-sourced cannabis and shrooms from our partner farms. Our goal is to provide you with cannabis at the best prices without compromising the quality. We are the number one marijuana dispensary, with a wide choice of products including skunk, resins, vapes, budder, and extracts. You can buy weed online Montreal from Save on Greens with the satisfaction guarantee.

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What’s Better: Local Shops or an Online Marijuana Dispensary?


Local shops will always have standard pricing. Though you may inspect the quality before your purchase, it will not always be the best. Local shops can only operate within a specific area. They will not have the ability nor resources to refine and maintain the quality of their products.

An online marijuana dispensary however, does not have the same confinements of a local shop provider. All products are meticulously cared for on a larger scale with absolute diligence. Customers can also read reviews written by other buyers.

The prices online are very competitive. Not only is there a larger variety of selections, but they also provide quality assurance and quick deliveries. If you are looking for the best cannabis at the lowest price, then check out an online dispensary!


Laws of Marijuana in Montreal


You must be 18 years of age to purchase the services we provide. You cannot consume cannabis in bars, restaurants, sports centers and other public places. You are legally allowed to buy only 30 grams of marijuana products at once. In your residence, you cannot keep more than 150 grams of marijuana. You can buy all kind of products from the registered seller.

 Why choose Save on Greens for Buying Marijuana?


You will get the best possible rates when you buy from our online dispensary. We receive products from our local partner farms and we assure the quality of cannabis you receive is of the highest caliber. Once your order is placed, you will receive a tracking number.

If you are looking to Buy Weed Online, we have been in the business for over 6 years and fall in the top 5 list of best marijuana dispensaries with thousands of customer reviews.


What to do in Montreal after Smoking Cannabis?


Montreal is a city of rich culture with a thriving nightlife, which is also a reason for the high number of tourists in this city. You can enjoy the nightlife, delicious cuisines, go sightseeing and much more.

After you buy weed online Montreal, One of the things you can do is to visit PY1 , an immersive entertainment venue where a team of professionals project a multimedia show onto the surface of a pyramid. It is truly a one of a kind experience, and is highly recommended to see if you have never been.

Montreal is full of tourist attractions consisting of unique shows and musical events. Montreal is known for its passion for music and you will find lots of locals enjoying their nights at these events.

Montreal is also very famous for its in-house stand-up comedy from big names such as Just for Laugh Festival , where they have more than 1500 stand-up comedians registered and working hard to stimulate your funny bones.

Lastly, one of the most beautiful attractions of all would be the Jacques-Cartier bridge , which connects the island of Montreal to Longueuil city with 365 different and vibrant colors. It is especially at its peak of interest on Canada day, where fireworks are shot into the sky and celebratory events are hosted.

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